Sunmachine is a smart lighting system. It can operate in three different modes:

  • Auto — Sunmachine uses sensors to turn on the light when it detects someone's presence at night, and turn off the light in daylight or when no one is detected. This mode can be put to sleep and will automatically switch back to working state in a daylight.
  • Manual — Motion and ambient light sensors are not used in this mode. The light needs to be manually turned on or off by the user.
  • Alarm — Sunmchine can also act as an alarm, in this mode it sends a notification to the phone when someone's presence is detected. The alarm can be activated on devices grouped together from single device.

Unique features:

  • Integrated motion sensor and ambient light sensor. Most smart lighting systems offer these sensors as a separate add-on product.
  • Build-in alarm, you don't have to buy a separate expensive device.
  • Scheduler, can be used to change mode, brightness or color hue at scheduled time and/or day of the week.
  • Web control panel, useful for controlling the entire network from one place.
  • Rest API and MQTT protocol support, allow to easily integrate sunmachine within larger systems.

Assembly instructions RestAPI & MQTT docs

Mobile application

Web panel